doiley star

Yesterday, we trimmed our Christmas tree and I realized that we didn’t have anything to go on top!  A couple of years ago I got a silver star from the Dollar Store as a temporary tree topper and had tried to modify it with glitter, which ended up being very tacky (and not in a good tacky kind of way.)  So, in a burst of glue gunning, I covered that silver star with a crocheted doiley that I had snagged at Value Village!  I love it.  It’s got an old-fashioned, yet simple look and finishes the tree off nicely with a touch of something handmade.  If I had thought to take some before and during pictures, I would post them, but, alas.  Basically, all you need is a doiley, a hot glue gun, and something to glue it on to (in this case, the star.)  Start at the center of the front with dabs of glue under the doiley and work your way out.  As hard as it was to take a pair of scissors to a handmade doiley, I trimmed it to fit and folded it around to the back side.  Because you can see our tree from all sides, I used some of bits of lace that I trimmed off to cover the rest of the back.


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