Grampie’s Beans

This summer, for the second year, I’ve grown my grandfather’s beans.

In our family, homemade baked beans are a staple, almost like potatoes or rice.  When my Grampie was younger, he would grow his own beans for drying, which my Gran would bake.  Everyone in the family agreed that his were far superior to the store-bought.

Anyway, in recent years, Grampie was unable to garden.  After he passed away, Gran gave me some of his beans that she had saved, and I’ve grown them and collected the dried beans.

Grampie’s Beans

Last summer, I saved some of the beans for seed and gave the rest to Gran for baking.  This time, I think I’ll try my hand at baking them. I’ll let you know how they turn out…


… and the livin’ is easy …

sunnyside community garden

The community garden looks so absolutely gorgeous right now! I invite everyone to drop by and pick some flowers from the communal centre plot. For those of you who prefer to “virtually” go to the garden (or just can’t wait!) click here for more snapshots.

p.s. The Sunnyside Community Garden is on MacDonnell Street at Brock St (beside the daycare.)